Saturday, January 21, 2017

Billie, Roxy and the gang

This morning I let the girls out for a quick potty break while I got their breakfast ready. I brought them in to eat, then got Pip and Rudy their canned food. They both ate well. All the kitties were out this morning when I walked in the room. Pepper was at the top of the tower, Salt was sitting on the next lower level. Chili was sitting on the bench and the kittens were playing on the floor. They followed me to the bathroom to get their food. I let the pups out back next and got Oreo some breakfast too. Rudy and Pip got some playtime in with me this morning after they ate. Chili happily cleaned up their leftovers. This evening the girls went out before dinner. Billie ate right away again. Roxy had finished her breakfast after I left this morning, so I'm sure she'll finish dinner tonight. The kitties got their food and Oreo some lettuce. I found the laser light tonight, so Rudy and Pip had a blast chasing that! They kept taking turns diving for the light. Chili has been quite the lovey dovey one with me today! She came over and got some pets, and even gave me a few licks too. Soon, it was time to tuck the pups back in bed.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and saw Oreo in the dining room. He turned and headed for the kitchen right away. Stuffy was laying on the floor in the living room by the cabinet. I got their breakfast ready for them. I brought Stuffy's plate over to him and he did snack on some food for me. He got his shot and I filled their dishes and cleaned their box quick. After that, I turned the fire on and the boys came over to sit by it with me. Stuffy got brushed while Oreo got his pets. Later on, I heard Oreo go to the kitchen to get his treats. This evening the boys were both at the top of the stairs when I came in. They both came down and waited in the kitchen while I got food ready. Oreo got his pill and they both ate for me. Stuffy seemed to be more hungry this evening and ate pretty well. After he got his injection, the boys sat by me for some pets. Stuffy itched his chin on the brush and Oreo laid on his side for his chin rubs too. Oreo later got up and went to go love on his kitty nip pillow. Haha.