Sunday, December 17, 2017

Kylo, Panda, Bu & Tatty

This morning it was drizzling outside. I came in and found miss Bu still sleeping soundly. Panda was already on his way to the door. I kept calling for Bu and she finally woke up. She's a deep sleeper! Haha. They did their thing and as we were coming in, I noticed some tiny blood specs on the floor. It looked like it was coming from a paw. I inspected them both and couldn't find the source though. Hmm. Kylo raced out for his turn. When we came in, Tatty was on her way to hop on her tower. She got some pets while he worked on his bone. This afternoon the kids had made a mess of their food in one of their crates. Haha! I let everyone out for their potty breaks and then cleaned up. Kylo was ready to plop on the couch with his favorite bone. Tatty peeked out from behind the couch and meowed at me. She quickly raced for her safe spot as Kylo was coming along behind her to see what she was up to. This evening Bu was snoozing again when I came in. She woke up and joined Panda and we headed on our. Kylo was trying to pick on Panda when it was his turn to go outside. Little brat. Haha. He just wants to play so bad! Kylo came in and pounced on his bone, then got himself comfy on the couch. We try to play with his other toys, but he's content just chewing away. Before bed, everyone got their bedtime cookies. They have been so good and they'll be so excited to see mom and dad home!

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Oreo met me in the kitchen. He sat behind me and waited patiently for his breakfast. Stuffy was waiting by the back door for his. The boys both ate for me. After I finished filling their dishes and scooping their box, I met them in the living room. Both boys were ready to snuggle up by the fire. Oreo sat on one side and Stuffy on the other, and they got their pets and brushes. This evening Oreo was hanging out on his chair. He hopped down after a big stretch and followed me to the kitchen. Stuffy came in as I was getting their dinner ready and sat by the back door to wait. While they ate, I took care of their things, then met Oreo in the living room. He didn't stay long and wandered off. Stuffy didn't come by me either, so I went to go sit by him on the stairs. He stayed there and enjoyed his brushing. I guess they were feeling antisocial tonight! Haha.