Thursday, April 27, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Oreo was right there to greet me as usual. I saw Charlie was lounging out by the back doors again. Stuffy wandered into the kitchen as I got their food ready quick. I went out to fill Charlie's bowl and give him some pets. I looked over and saw the boys were each at the doors watching us. Haha. All the boys ate well for me. Oreo and Stuffy both got their meds and then it was time for their attention. It was a cold morning today, so they were happy to snuggle up. This evening Oreo raced into the entry to greet me. He led the way to the kitchen and I got their dinner ready. Stuffy came to sit and watch at the edge of the island. I brought his plate over to him since he didn't come to get it. I guess he expects it now. Haha. When we all finished, the boys lounged on either side of me and took little snoozes. Stuffy got his tummy brushed and Oreo purred away as he got his chin rubs. Oreo took a break to snack on more food, then returned for more pets.