Friday, April 28, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and met Oreo in the kitchen. Stuffy was sitting near the back door, keeping an eye out for his friend outside. I got the boys their food and they both ate. After they got their meds, I went to sit in the living room. Oreo came to get a few pets, but Stuffy wasn't interested I guess. Oreo didn't stay long either. I guess they were bored with me! Haha. This evening Oreo came running into the entryway to greet me. He led the way to the kitchen, where Stuffy was sitting in the same spot again. While I got their food ready, I saw Charlie through the kitchen window, busy eating his food too. After I fed the boys, I went out to give Charlie a few pets. The boys were both sitting by the doors when I returned. This time, they followed along to the living room and both wanted to snuggle up and get some attention. Yay!


Today I came by and saw Sage was taking a nap on her dog house. She popped right up when she heard me coming. I let her out and she went racing around the yard. I cleaned up her kennel, then I saw she had a new toy! I grabbed that and we played some fetch until she pooped herself out. She sprawled out under the tree in the shade to cool down. I let her explore a little longer, then I got her her dinner.