Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Oreo met me in the kitchen and Stuffy appeared at the bottom of the steps shortly after. I got the boys their breakfast and they went to work. I sat with Stuffy on the stairs while he ate. After that, I went to sit with Oreo in our spot. It didn't take long for Stuffy to come join us. The boys laid down and enjoyed some attention time. This evening I heard Oreo raced down the stairs to see me. I got some food ready and saw Stuffy had appeared at the edge of the kitchen. I brought him his plate and went out to feed Charlie. The boys both met me at our spot tonight. Stuffy sat next to me on one side for awhile. Later on, he relaxed and laid on his side for some tummy rubs. Oreo sat on the other side and soaked up every bit of chin scratches he could get! Both boys purred away. Stuffy eventually closed his eyes for a nap. Oreo went to snack and returned, snuggling up as close as he could!