Monday, November 20, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning both boys were hanging out by the back door. Oreo was on his chair and Stuffy on the floor just below. Oreo came to brush his face against the back of my legs while I got his food ready. The boys ate and I tended to my things. Oreo was waiting for me by the fireplace. I turned it on for him. He snuggled up to me for his pets as we got cozy and warm by the fire. Stuffy came in for a little while, but later ventured off. This evening Stuffy was sitting in the bedroom doorway and Oreo was on his chair. Oreo got up on the counter to help me tonight. I guess he was a hungry boy! He got snacking on his treats, so I had to move them until he ate his pill for me. After dinner, the boys met me in the living room. Oreo got his pets and some brush time. Stuffy got some brushes, but then he went and sat off a ways. Oreo eventually wandered off to go sit by my shoes. Haha.

Murdy & Guthrie

Today the boys were waiting for me again by the door. I came in and Guthrie hopped up on the counter and got a few pets before I went to get his breakfast. Murdy got up there and sat on his little bed. I picked him up and put him in the laundry room to eat. He finished and I heard Guthrie meowing from the kitchen. I went out there and he was trying to get me to follow him to the office. He was more interested in playing than eating his food! The boys both got a little playtime in. Murdy eventually wandered upstairs. Guthrie hid behind the ottoman and would jump up to catch the feathers. Haha. He took a break after awhile to go eat.