Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sadie, Chloe & Patches

This morning I called for Sadie as I came in. She barked from the bedroom and came out sleepily. I let her out potty while I got her and Patches their breakfast. Patches hopped right up on the table to eat. Sadie disappeared off into the yard to go bark at things and didn't come back to see me after that. Haha! I brought her food out to the shop for her for later. I spent some time visiting with the kitties then. This evening I came in and Patches was at her post, ready for dinner. Chloe was meowing at me from her spot on the bed again. Sadie was ready to come in and was bouncing at the door. She came in and I went to get her bowl for her dinner. While she ate, Chloe came and for some attention. After Sadie finished, she came by me for her belly rubs.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and spotted Stuffy watching the back door. I then saw Charlie was out there! I went out to get him some food and gave him some pets as he ate. The boys both came to the window to watch. When I came in I got them their food and medicine. Eventually Charlie wandered off outside, so Stuffy and Oreo were ready to come visit with me then. This evening Oreo met me by the door and brought me to the kitchen. Stuffy was sitting at the edge of the kitchen. I got them their food and they both ate well. Stuffy moved on up to his chair to keep an eye on things. Later, he joined Oreo and I in our spot. The boys both laid by me and purred away.