Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Micah, Henry, Houston, Charlie, Smudge & Finn

I finally found Charlie today! Yaaaaay! Today I came in a little earlier since I saw the temps were supposed to drop as the day went on. Finn met me at the door and followed along as I went to turn all the faucets back on. Smudge was hanging out on the couch in the front room and Micah was actually up and about today. He was sitting by the Christmas tree as I went around. I checked around for Charlie as usual, and finally I spotted him in the closet today. That made me happy to finally see that he was alive and well. Haha! Next, I cleaned boxes and got Micah his food. I got a little bit down for Finn and Henry today to keep them occupied. Since they left him alone, Micah ate very well. To my surprise, even Smudge came in to get a little snack today!

Sophie & Roxy

Today we started a little warmer, but then the temperature steadily dropped as the day went on. Brrr! The girls were snoozing in their cozy bed when I came by. I let them in and filled their food bowls. Roxy came and hopped on the couch by me. Sophie went to eat right away. Roxy lounged in her chair after a bit, and then took a break to eat as well. Miss Sophie decided to steal her sister's spot on her while she ate. Naughty! Haha. I called Sophie to come over by me. It didn't take long before Roxy raced over to steal her chair back! Silly girls. Sophie lounged with me for awhile and got her belly rubs. When it was time, the girls got their treats and headed out back.