Monday, November 7, 2016

Sophie & Roxy

Today the girls were laying out again, soaking up some sun. They hopped up and ran to the door to meet me. I filled their dishes and they came over to say hi. Sophie went right back to her bowl to eat. Roxy lounged on her doggie bed. I tried to coax her to come snuggle with me, but she was cozy where she was. After Sophie finished, she piled on the couch with me for some belly rubs. That didn't last too long before she went to relax on Roxy's favorite chair. Roxy took that time to eat her dinner too. It was a lazy day for them! I can't blame them since it was cold and rainy out today. Perfect weather for naps! Roxy went to lay on mom and dad's bed for awhile before it was time for their treats.

Oreo & Stuffs

Today the boys were both sitting near the door when I arrived. They followed along to the kitchen to get their dinner. Oreo got his medicine and they went to work. I got them their treats and the boys came to get their attention. Stuffy laid on his side for some belly rubs while Oreo worked on his treats. Oreo got up and laid next to me for some attention too. The boys both purred away and closed their eyes for little cat naps. Oreo had to work on his snacks some more after awhile. I had to help him since he was getting the toy stuck under the ottoman. Haha! They will be excited for mom and dad to be home soon!