Sunday, July 30, 2017

Billie, Roxy and the gang

This morning the girls went out to do their business while I got their breakfast ready. Billie had had an accident overnight, so I cleaned that up and got her a new towel. They came in to eat and I checked on Zoi and Zephyr. I gave them clean bedding upstairs and got them their breakfast. Zephyr got her medicine applied. I let the girls back out to play, then went to visit with the kitties. Pip and Rudy were ready for some playtime. They took turns going after their string toy. Rudy kept trying to run off with it again. Haha. This evening the girls went out to potty while I got their dinner. Billie had another accident so I got her another clean towel for her bed. They came in to eat and Billie got both her medicines. I got the kitties their yummy snack for tonight and then let the pups back out to play. Zoi and Zephyr got their carrots and lettuce to snack on. They are so cute when they sneakily run up to grab a piece to eat and run upstairs with it. Haha. Rudy was being all lovey when I went back in to scoop their boxes. Salt and Pepper were in their hangout under the bed. Pip must have joined them after he ate. Later, I went out to visit with the girls and water the plants. Billie ran right up to me when she saw I had the watering can. I had to water her too. Hahaha.