Sunday, July 16, 2017


Today Felixx was in the exact same spot I found him in yesterday. He was lounging at the top of the stairs again. He stretched out when I came in, then made his way downstairs. In the kitchen, Felixx stood by and supervised while I filled his food dish. I went upstairs to take care of his things up there. Then, it was time to play! I had found the string we were playing with yesterday sitting at the top of the stairs. I brought that down with me to play. I found another longer string and tried to get him to play with that, but he thought it just wasn't the same. Haha. Felixx kept going behind the chair to pounce on the string again today. He sure loves that! He would roll around and wrestle with it, then would go hide again.

Noell & Navi

Today both girls were ready and waiting for me in the kitchen. I got their breakfast ready and let them work on eating while I worked on my things. They waited for me to finish in the living room. When I came in, the girls both walked up and wanted their attention. It was a lazy day for them today! Neither was too interested in playing. They both laid on the rug near me and lounged. Noell was rolling around on her back and having fun stretching herself out. Haha. Then, Navi joined in as well and they were both laying on their backs at the same time. That made me laugh!