Saturday, July 29, 2017

Billie, Roxy and the gang

This morning I came in and let the ladies outside for their potty break. I got their breakfast ready and made a treat ball for Billie's pills. They came in and ate. I went to visit the piggies next. I cleaned up their pen a bit and got them some fresh breakfast and water. Zephyr got her cream applied and she did very well. The big girls went back out to play. I stopped in by the kitties next and played with them for a bit. Pip made me laugh so hard when he tumbled off the bed and landed on his back in a crunched seated position. He was just sitting there for a second like a little furry human! Haha. Rudy made me laugh too. We played with their string toy and he kept grabbing it, then would turn and run away with it in his mouth. He did it a bunch of times. Silly cat! Salt and Pepper were hiding out under the bed. Soon, it was time for the girls to come back inside. This evening the pups went out and came in for dinner and Billie got her meds. I fed the kitties and scooped their boxes. Rudy was loving up on me the whole time. Pepper was out and sitting on top of her tower tonight. She sure wasn't happy when Rudy hopped up there too. Haha. I saw the cats had destroyed a basket with a fake plant in it while I was gone. I removed it from the room so they wouldn't mess with it anymore. I fed the guineas their dinner, then headed out back. I watered the plants and Billie decided to help. She kept sticking her head in the herbs looking for more water. Haha. I hung out back with the girls tonight. They spent awhile wrestling and chasing around for awhile. Then, they sprawled out on the grass and relaxed, enjoying the warm summer evening.