Monday, March 27, 2017

Rusty, Ruby & the gang

This morning I came in and let Miss Ruby out. She didn't even want to go potty, she just ran straight for her food bowl! Haha. I fed her quick and got Rusty's food ready along with his medicine. She got her part of her treat, then Ruby and I headed outside. Rusty eventually came stretching his way out as well. The pups did their business and Rusty and I got a few throws in of his ball. After that, I fed the turtles and kitties and made sure everyone had water. This afternoon the pups came outside with me for their potty break. I threw the ball a little for Rusty, but he was more interested in exploring. So, I went in and gave Sheba some attention. She had been following me around and was meowing at me that she wanted some attention too! I got her laser light out and had her chase that around a bit. Salem was lounging on her window bed in the living room. She enjoyed some pets as well. This evening Ruby heard me come in and she lined up at her bowl, ready to eat. She stuck her head in the food bin to eye up that I was filling her cup with enough kibble! Rusty was still napping in his chair, so I put his food up until before I left. He came out after I fed the big kids out back. Rusty and Ruby explored a little. He and I got some fetch time in and Ruby sat by me for her attention. The kitties got their dinners as well, and Salem even hopped on the dining table to get a few pets without being interrupted by Sheba. Haha.