Sunday, July 2, 2017


Today Jackson ran to the back door when I arrived, ready to head out and do his business. While he did that, I filled his dishes quick. After a few minutes I went outside with him. He was ready for some pets and snuggle time! It was a beautiful sunny morning, so we sat out on the patio to enjoy it. This evening it was raining and storming out. I opened the door to let Jackson out and he did a quick circle and headed back in. Nope! He didn't want any of that! Haha. I started to head out with him and then he finally went. I gave him a minute to do his thing, then I went out with him. We didn't stay out too long and headed back inside to try and get him to eat. He would sniff at his food for me, but still didn't want any. So, since he wasn't hungry, we went and sat on the floor in the living room and he got some belly rubs and snuggles. He's such a sweetie! Later, we went back outside just in case he needed to do any last business before bedtime. He mostly lounged on the patio next to me and listened to the rain.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Oreo help me in the kitchen as usual. Stuffy was lounging on the ottoman in the bedroom. I stopped by to give him a few pets quick. Then, I went back to the kitchen and got breakfast ready. Oreo ate his pill, then worked on his food. Stuffy later came out to join us to get his breakfast too. He watched out the back door while I filled Charlie's bowl. After breakfast, the boys met at our spot for their attention time. This evening, Stuffy was sitting in the front entryway. Oreo was making his way down the stairs. The boys both waited in the kitchen while I got their food ready. They waited for me to finish my things, then I met them at our spot. The boys laid on either side of me and purred away as they got their pets. Stuffy rolled to his side to get his belly brushed.

Murdy & Guthrie

Today the boys met me in the kitchen while I got their food ready. Murdy accidentally shoved Guthrie off the counter when they were both trying to help. Haha! I brought the food to the laundry room and little stinker Guthrie kept trying to go steal Murdy's! I had to keep redirecting him. He sure was a hungry boy this morning! After the boys finished eating I got out their feather toy. Guthrie was all ready to go! He had a blast again, chasing and pouncing on it. Murdy came and hid next to me to try and sneak a turn in when he could. Then, he'd zoom down the hall and up the stairs.