Sunday, December 24, 2017

Bubba & Stormy

Today I came in and Bubba was suddenly right at my feet. Not sure where he popped out from! Haha. I got him some more treats for his food bowl. He jumped up there and started eating right away. I scooped his box quick, then headed back inside. Bubba was busy rolling around on the kitchen floor. What a goof! Outside, miss Stormy greeted me with some heiny wiggles right away. She waited patiently while I filled her bowl for her. Stormy wasted no time and got right to work! In between bites, she'd come over for a few heiny scratches.

Bella & Chico

It was another chilly start to the morning, but almost all of the snow was gone today. The pups ran out back to quickly do their business. Since it was cold out, they hung out inside and got some pets in between snacking on their food. This afternoon it had warmed up some and the sun was out. This time, the pups spent a lot more time exploring out back. Chico came in after awhile to get some lunch. Bella got her pets, then sat and watched Chico eat, waiting for her turn. This evening, it was cold out again. The kiddos did their business. After that, Chico was all about snuggling up next to me and covering himself up in the blanket on the couch. Bella checked things out in the yard, then would come check on me and try to steal some kisses. They took turns having some dinner before it was time for bed.


This morning Shadow was right at the door to greet me. He waited by my feet as I got his food ready for him. I gave him his joint treat first, then gave him his food once he ate that. Shadow tagged along this morning and followed me to the bathroom to go scoop his box, instead of working on his food first. After I finished, he ate a bit, then came to sit on my lap. After a couple more snack times, he was ready to tackle his kitty toy. This evening Shadow was napping on the top of his kitty tower. He hopped down quickly when he saw me come in and he helped me in the kitchen. While he worked on dinner, I turned on lights and scooped his box. Shadow was really curious about the other animal smells on me tonight and had to check that out. After he ate some more, Shadow stood in my lap and got some pets. He stayed with me awhile. Then, he got the zoomies! All of a sudden, Shadow took off and raced across the room to the top of his tower in the corner. Then, he ran a big circle around the living room and went up to his other tower by the couch. He kept going around and would jump on things. He was cracking me up!