Tuesday, July 11, 2017


This morning I came in and Shadow ventured into the kitchen shortly after. He waited for me to deliver his breakfast and then went to work. Shadow was still eating by the time I finished with my things. He did well and didn't have any issues today, so he must have been eating more slowly. After his breakfast, Shadow wandered off down the hall for awhile. He returned and was ready to come sit in my lap. He took a couple breaks to eat more, then climbed up to his tower to lounge. This evening Shadow met me at the door and was circling my legs while I got his food ready. He kept trying to nibble on me again so he kept me dancing around. Haha. Shadow went to work while I went to take care of his box. After I returned, Shadow sat in my lap for quite awhile. He purred away as he enjoyed his pets. Later on, he laid on the floor next to me and was stretching out. He pawed for his kitty toy, but was in more of a lovey mood tonight. He climbed up on the couch behind me to sit on my shoulders. Snuggly boy!