Friday, June 2, 2017

Bella & Chico

This evening I came in and said hello to the pups. I heard Chico bark back to me. Haha. I let them out, then checked the thermostat. Sure enough, it was reset to a higher temp. I fixed that and joined the pups out back. It had cooled off and was very nice out. Miss Bella sat with me for awhile and Chico was off exploring. Later, he hopped up by me to say hi. That of course, made miss Bella jealous! Haha. I had to go inside because the mosquitoes were eating me alive. Chico came in with me and snuggled up in the chair with me for awhile. Miss Bella took her turn to explore outside. Chico got up and ran out when he heard a dog bark out there. Soon, it was time for bed and their bedtime cookies!


This evening I came in and found Shadow snoozing on the top of his kitty tower. He immediately hopped down and joined me in the kitchen. He was trying to sneak nibbles at my legs as I read notes. Haha. I got him a little food to work on and went to check his box and turn lights on. He nibbled a bit, then wandered down the hall. Eventually, he came back and hopped up on the couch behind me. Shadow sat on my shoulder for a bit. After that, he came down and we played with his kitty toy. As I was leaving, I heard him pawing around one of his rattle toys.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I found Stuffy by the back door as usual. Oreo met me in the kitchen and rubbed his face on the back of my leg while I got his food ready. He makes me laugh! I gave the boys their food and went out to feed Charlie. As soon as I stepped outside, he moved into my line of sight. He was hiding behind the wall/post at the end of the counter! I gave him some pets while I watched Stuffy eating inside. I didn't want to disturb him, as he hadn't spotted Charlie yet! Haha. But, soon he did and stopped eating to watch his friend. The boys later met me in the living room for some pamper time. This evening Oreo met me at the door and led the way to the kitchen. Stuffy appeared around the corner and I delivered both their plates of food for them. I went and tended to their other things. The boys were definitely ready for some attention tonight. They each snuggled up to me and took little snoozes. Oreo rubbed his face in my hands and purred away. Stuffy itched his chin on the brush and laid on his side for some belly rubs. They will be ready for mom and dad to be home in a few days!