Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

It was a chilly start to our morning today. The pups all greeted me at the door doing their happy wiggle butt dance! Haha. I let them all out back for their potty break before it was time to eat. They came racing in, jumping around and all excited for their food. Everyone ate well. When it was time to go back out, only Hudson would go. The girls said it was too cold! Hudson even just sat on the step for a little bit and wanted back in too. I sat inside with them and they got their attention. Hudson stood in my lap front and center to get his chest scratchies. The girls were busy sniffing at me and taking turns getting some pets too. Zel and Gabbie eventually went and curled up in their blanket. Hudson went back out for a few minutes for a last potty break. This evening it was a little nicer out since it had gotten warmer out this afternoon. The pups took their breaks, then came in and ate dinner. Gabbie and Hudson went out first until Zel was done. After everyone ate, we all went outside for awhile. Hudson was off in the distance patrolling the yard. The girls explored close to the patio. Soon, they were telling me it was time to head in.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning both boys were sitting in the dining room when I came in. They met me in the kitchen and waited while I got their breakfast together. I had put all their leftovers other than their canned up last night, so they were ready to eat! Both boys ate very well. Oreo even took a few bites of his own dry food! Wow! Haha. The boys both got their meds and they waited for me by the fireplace while I cleaned their litter. They laid on either side of me to get their pets. This evening I came in and Oreo was racing down the stairs. Stuffy was sitting on the counter in the dark. Haha. I got their dinner ready for them. Oreo only nibbled, but Stuffy ate very well. While I went to scoop their box, Oreo went in and tried to sneak Stuffy's leftovers. I scooted him over to his own food instead. The boys got their pamper time by the cozy fire the rest of the time tonight. Since it was Thanksgiving and all, I left out all their leftovers so they could graze.