Saturday, December 23, 2017

Bubba & Stormy

Today I came in and got a couple cans of food for Miss Stormy. She was snoozing in her doggy house when I got out there. She came out and immediately started her happy wiggles! She got some pets and then waited while I filled her bowl. I got her some more water too. Then, I went in to check Bubba's dishes. He came out from the bedroom to see who was home. Bubba got some pets, then hopped up to eat some dinner.

Bella & Chico

It was a winter wonderland this morning! I came in and let the pups out of bed. They sure did NOT want to go outside! Haha. I tried to get Bella to go out with me but she wouldn't leave the dry portion of the patio. Chico just wasn't having it. We sat inside and they sat with me for some attention. Chico was having a coughing fit this morning, but he was just as happy as could be. Eventually miss Bell did go outside. Chico was just gonna hold it I guess. This afternoon I came in and let the pups out. The snow had melted and it warmed up, so they ran outside and did their business. They came in and took turns eating some lunch. Then, the pups sat with me for their pets. This evening, Bella and Chico zoomed outside to go potty. Bella came in and put her paws on my lap and got her pets. Then, she worked on some dinner. Chico stretched his paws out on my knees and got some pets as well. Soon, it was time for bed.


This evening I came in and Shadow quickly came to greet me. He checked out the other pet smells on my jeans while I got his dinner ready. I got him a little to start with so he wouldn't eat too fast. He worked on dinner while I checked his box and turned on lights. Shadow took a break to come visit me and sat on my lap for a bit. Shortly after, he went back for seconds. After dinner, he was ready for playtime. He made me laugh as he was in his crazy tackle mode, going after his feather toy! Haha.

Oreo & Stuffy

This morning it was a winter wonderland outside! We had gotten a couple inches of snow overnight. I came in and Oreo was sitting on his chair as usual. He meowed a good morning to me and came down to help me in the kitchen. I saw Stuffy was sitting in the dining room. He had come in to look out the back door by the time I had their breakfast ready. The boys were more than happy to get all cozy by the fire this morning. They both took little cat naps while they go their brushes and pets. This evening Oreo was... you guessed it... on his chair. Haha! He stayed there this time and waited for dinner to be delivered this time. Stuffy was on mom and dad's bed tonight. He's ready for them to come home! I sat in there while he ate and Oreo sat at my feet and got some chin rubs while we waited. After he finished, the boys and I headed to the living room to sit by the fire. I'm sure going to miss them! I'm glad we'll have some more visits yet.