Sunday, March 26, 2017

Rusty, Ruby & the gang

This afternoon I came in and saw Ruby wasn't in her bed. They must not have heard me come in. I called for her and she came zooming out from the front room! We headed out back and she did her business. Rusty came out eventually to join us. Ruby stood by me for some pets while Rusty got some fetch time in. It was a beautiful afternoon! I went in to fill water dishes up and saw Sheba was sprawled out in the living room. She cracks me up. This evening I came in and Ruby met me at the door. As always, she was ready to eat! We went out so I could feed the others quick and she was leaping and bouncing around the yard. She gobbled her food down as soon as it hit her bowl. I filled Rusty's bowl, but he was still lounging on his chair. Next, I turned the light off for the turtles and fed the kitties. I hadn't seen Salem this afternoon, and she wasn't in the bedroom so I started calling for her and looking around. I found her all cozy on the pillow by the window. What a perfect spot! I went out with the pups again later and they had fun chasing each other around and were being silly. Soon, it was time to head in and tuck miss Ruby in bed.

Billie, Roxy and the gang

This morning I came and let the girls out for their potty break. Billie had some energy and was jumping around on the couch and even hopped over the back to head to the door! Haha. They did their thing and I got their food ready. I went right ahead and mixed their snack in so they'd eat right away. The kitties had decided to drag the little play tent from the bathroom into the bedroom while I was away! That made me laugh. I scooped boxes and filled their dishes before I went to let the girls back out. It was cool again this morning, but much nicer than yesterday. The little ones got some play time this morning with their laser. Rudy pooped himself out and he came and laid next to me for some attention. That way, Pip had a turn to play since Rudy was kinda hogging it! I could see Pepper laying just under the edge of the bed. The other two were hiding further in. Chili at least got a few pets when I first arrived before Rudy was all up in her grill. He sure is an attention hog too! Haha. Later, I went outside to visit with the girls a bit. They did their usual, chasing and wrestling around with each other. They'd take breaks now and again to come sniff at me too.