Thursday, March 30, 2017

Daisy & Sophie

Yesterday I walked in and Sophie came to greet me. She was rolling around and flopping down on the floor by my feet. I heard Daisy meow hello. I got her her food and took care of litter boxes. Sophie was hanging out at the edge of the living room, so I sat on the floor by her and pet her. Boy, she was loving that up! She rolled around and stretched herself out, making sure I got every inch. Haha. Eventually, she had had enough and wandered off.

Today, I walked in and spotted Sophie right away. She waited in the kitchen while I got Daisy her breakfast, topped off Sophie's dishes and took care of their boxes again. I noticed Sophie had deposited a hair tie in her food bowl, so I tossed that down the hall for her. She had a blast all by herself just batting that around and chasing after it! So cute. Soon, she was ready for her pets. She came and laid by me and rolled around some more for her attention.

Rusty, Ruby & the gang

This morning it was very cold and raining again. I let Ruby out and after she finished her breakfast, we went out so she could do her business. Rusty came out to potty as well. She did her thing, then zoomed back inside. Salem was wandering around in the kitchen while I got her food ready. She followed me over to the turtle room to get a few pets as well. When I finished doing my things, I walked into the living room and got a laugh. Salem was just sitting in the box in there. Haha!! Sheba came over to say hi, then she went and picked on her sister. Sheba got some playtime in this morning after Rusty got a short game of fetch in. Sheba was having a blast jumping up against the door and walls to try and get her dot. Salem even tried to play too, until Sheba batted her away. This afternoon I took Ruby out and Rusty came to join us. He raced around after his ball for awhile. He didn't want to bring it back too often, so I'd have to go get it from him. Silly boy. Haha! This evening both pups were dancing in the laundry room as I was opening the door. Ruby was happy to see me, well, happy to know she was going to eat. Haha! Rusty I think was expecting mom and dad or something. He was like, "Oh, it's just you." then went to the front room. Haha! Ruby and I went out so I could feed the big kids next. They were ready and waiting. When I went back in, Sheba was in the laundry room telling me it was her turn. After I got everyone else fed, I got Rusty to come out and play a bit before bedtime.