Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Noell & Navi

This morning Noell met me in the kitchen again. It wasn't until I delivered their breakfast that Navi came in to join us. The girls ate while I scooped their box quick. I came in and they were waiting for me as usual. I sat down by them and they came over for a few pets. Once the laser light came out I had Noell zooming around for a bit. That was pretty short lived though. Haha. She came over and laid on her back next to me for awhile to get some belly rubs. Navi took her turn to chase the dot for a little bit. She eventually came over for attention and to try and nibble on me. Haha brat! When it was time to fill treats, she was right there to help me.

Bella & Chico

This morning I came in and let the pups out right away. The grass was wet from rain overnight, but it was a nice morning for them to go out and explore. The pups ran out back to do their thing. They took turns to eat, then wandered around out back to check things out. This afternoon Bella and Chico raced outside as soon as I opened their doors for them. It was a hot and sticky afternoon outside, but they didn't mind a bit. Chico sprawled out on the patio to do some sunbathing. Bella explored most of the time and would take breaks to come get some pets from me. I split one of the remaining treats between them when it was time to go in. This evening it was just beautiful outside. The calm before the storm! We are supposed to get some nasty weather later on. Chico and Bella joined me out back and they ventured around the yard. We heard some popping outside from one of the neighbors that kinda spooked them. Chico disappeared inside after that. Bella just stayed close and got her pets until it was time to head in.