Saturday, July 1, 2017

Murdy & Guthrie

Today I didn't see either of the boys as I walked in, but they came in shortly after. They were good today and didn't knock over any lamps! Haha! I got the boys their food while they sat on the counter waiting patiently. Well... not so patient. Guthrie went to town as soon as the food hit the bowl. I picked it up and brought it down to the laundry room for him. Murdy sat and ate on his mat again. Both boys ate very well. I scooped their box quick, then they helped me get their favorite feather toy out. They took turns jumping and trying to get the feather. We made our way to our spot and Guthrie went crazy trying to play. Even Murdy joined in the play time today. Guthrie chased and jumped and ran all over the place! He was having a blast! Murdy sat on the couch and carefully hid, ready to make his pounce. He never did though, because Murdy kept beating him to it. Haha.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning both boys appeared in the kitchen when I arrived. They helped me get their breakfast ready. Both boys ate well and got their meds. After breakfast it was pamper time. The boys each took a side and laid next to me. Oreo enjoyed his rubs, and Stuffy got his brushes. After a while, Stuffy rolled to his side and took a nap. Oreo got up and went to check out the toy basket. Later, he went to go eat some more food. This evening, Oreo came running down the stairs to greet me. He led the way to the kitchen and sat patiently for his food. Stuffy appeared shortly after and sat at the edge of the kitchen. I brought his plate over to him and he nibbled a bit, then went to look out the back door. I went out and filled the bowl for Charlie. The boys came and sat with me at our spot after I finished with my things. Stuffy ate some more for me while he got brushed. Oreo got up to nibble on his leftovers when he was finished. Haha.