Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Noell & Navi

This morning it was miss Noell who came to greet me. She meowed at me and circled around me while I got her food together. She ate and I went out to the patio. Navi was out there and she got up and started talking to me while I cleaned their box. She came in when I was finished and Noell joined us in the living room. The girls walked by me and stopped for their pets. Navi snuggled in my lap for a few minutes, then hopped up on the couch behind me. She used the rug as a nice scratching post. Haha. Noell and I played a little with the mouse toy, before she just laid down to relax. Navi sprawled out on the rug and just watched from above. Soon, the girls wandered off to do their thing. Navi was being goofy and was messing around with the window in the dining room. When I looked over she froze and gave me a look, like "What? I'm not doing anything over here...". Haha.