Friday, October 20, 2017


This morning I was coming inside and Shadow was on his way to see me. He sniffed at my legs and tried to give me his love nibbles while I got his breakfast ready, after he'd had his pill. He worked on his food and I did my things quick. Shadow was lovey this morning and came to snuggle up on my lap awhile. After eating some more, he was ready for some playtime. This evening Shadow was ready for me when I arrived. He worked on his dinner and came to join me in the living room when he finished. He gave himself a bath, then he was feeling spunky and was in his play mode! He chased after his kitty toy and zoomed up to the top of his tower. He wrestled the toy up there, then hopped down on the couch and flailed around like a crazy man. Haha!

Noell & Navi

This morning Noell came to join me in the kitchen while I got breakfast ready. Navi was sitting in the living room, giving herself a bath. She came to sit by her bowl and eat after I'd delivered it. I met the girls at our spot and they came over for attention. Not much new happened today. Noell sprawled out next to me for her pets for awhile and Navi sat in my lap. Later, Noell got some playtime in. Navi had gone to go sit and look out the back windows until it was time to fill her treats.

Shadow & Lucy

Today I came in and Lucy quickly joined me in the living room. She was being silly and was rolling around and meowing at me, telling me what they've been up to. Haha. She stretched out on the floor as I filled their dishes. Shadow heard the food and came to eat. I took care of their box and saw Lucy had hopped up in the bedroom window again. Shadow was sitting in the living room. I gave him some pets, then he went to go look out the front door at the neighborhood for awhile. Before I left, I got him some of his yummy treats.