Friday, December 1, 2017

Hudson, Gabi & Prue

This evening the pups started barking when they heard me come in. I let the little ones out. Gabi made a beeline right for the water bowl. I was going to let Prue out since she was busy drinking, but she finished as soon as I unlatced one on her cage. Poor girl, I made her wait until I got Gabi outside. Haha. Prue was a good girl and plopped her heiny down right away to go outside. The kids all did their business, then they lined up wanting dinner. Haha. Guess they'll have to get used to the new routine! I let them in and gave Prue her pill and they all got a treat. The big pups and I headed back outside for awhile. They zoomed off after something in the dark. Prue returned and wanted heiny scratches. She made me laugh as she stuck her butt in the air and tucked her head down. Haha. Hudson came over for some pets too. Later on, we headed in to have them calm down before bed. Hudson settled down with a bone and the girls each snuggled on their own bed. When it was time, I tucked them in their crates for the night.

Noell & Navi

This morning the girls wandered in to wait for their breakfast. Navi always sits so nicely just in front of her bowl. Haha. I did my stuff, then the girls met me at our spot. Navi curled in my lap and was being silly. She kept sticking her heiny in the air and would twist and curl around. What a goof! Noell was ready to chase her feather toy. Navi was content after awhile, just lounging with her head on my arm.