Friday, October 14, 2016

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This evening it was very quiet when I came in. I called for the pups how I usually do, then they all started talking! Zel crawled out from under her blankie and I let the other two out for their potty breaks. They all helped me in the kitchen while I got their dinner ready. Since Hudson and Gabbie finished first, I let them back out. Zel joined us when she was done. The pups explored off in the dark for a little while. Soon, Gabbie was at the door telling me she wanted in. But, it was too nice out! We hung outside for awhile longer and enjoyed the beautiful evening until it was their bedtime.

Rusty, Ruby & the gang

This morning I came and let Ruby out for her morning potty break. She raced back inside and was bouncing around, excited to eat! Rusty waited to eat his until after playtime. Salem and Sheba were both standing in the hallway, waiting for me to follow. I got their breakfast and they climbed up to their posts. While they were occupied, I gave Salem her meds quick. I checked on the turtles next, before heading outside to play with Rusty. I tossed his orange ball around, but I was doing more fetching than he was. Haha! Maybe he thought the ground was too wet from the storms early this morning. Since he wasn't into it, I went in to go play with Sheba. She had fun zooming around after her laser. Ruby climbed up next to me and rolled to her side to get some belly rubs! She was loving that up! This afternoon I had Ruby come out to do her business. Rusty was ready to play this time. Maybe I just had the wrong ball for the day. I grabbed his purple "ball" and he had a blast chasing after that. We got nice game in this afternoon. This evening, Ruby was ready to eat. I fed her quick since she was so patiently waiting and ready for it, then went to feed the big kids. They were off in the field and came racing in when they saw me. It was a game of musical bowls for them tonight! Back inside, Ruby was standing at her bowl again, making sure I was paying attention. No seconds for you! Haha. I got Rusty his dinner. Salem had come to the kitchen to talk to me and let me know she was ready too. After I had the kitty food bowls filled, Sheba came in as well. She must have been napping! After dinner, the pups and I went back outside. It was a very nice evening! Ruby got some pets while Rusty fetched his ball. When it was time, they headed in for bedtime.


This morning Shadow was just about to the door when I came in. I was wearing jeans again this morning, so I didn't worry about him nibbling on me. But, he started trying for my toes instead! Haha. I got his breakfast ready for him. After I finished with my things, I came back and Shadow was still eating. When he finished, he came over to sniff at other animal smells on my jeans. Later on, he went and gazed out his window for awhile. Shadow worked on more food, then hopped up to his kitty tower to relax. This evening, Shadow must have been napping. He eventually came out to see me and to work on his dinner. I wore shorts this evening, so I had to do a little dance as he sniffed at my legs. He cracks me up. This evening Shadow came over for some pets after he had his fill of food. He sat next to me and purred away. Later, he got spunky and was going around to all his boxes and having fun. He'd paw at one, race to another and hide in it! He's so funny!

Noell & Navi

This morning Navi was first to come say hi. Noell followed along behind shortly after. The girls went to work on their breakfast while I checked their litter. No accidents today. Yay! Once Navi was done eating, I took her in there and set her down. She sniffed and that was about it. After that, we went to our spot and visited for awhile. Both girls stood on either side of me for some pets. Noell ventured off after a little bit. Navi took a peek out the front window, then came back to play. She wrestled around with her mouse toy for awhile. Then, she was busy swatting at her treat toys. I filled them up for her before I left.