Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and saw Oreo was hanging out on the dining room chair again. He got down and met me in the kitchen. I saw Stuffy was laying on the floor next to the box in the dining room corner. I called for him, but he didn't budge. I brought his food there for him to eat. Oreo went to sit and wait by the fireplace for me. I turned it on and suddenly Stuffy came to join us. The boys cozied up next to me and took their little cat naps. This evening I came in and Oreo was right at the door. He was ready to eat!  He led the way to the kitchen and nibbled on his dinner. I went to find Stuffy and he was laying on the couch in the bedroom. I gave him his dinner and went to go visit with Oreo, who was patiently waiting by the fireplace. They sure love to snuggle up to it! Stuffy joined us shortly after. Both boys laid on their sides, purring away. Stuffy got brushed and Oreo enjoyed his pets and chin rubs.

Hudson, Gabi & Prue

This evening I heard a new bark coming from the house as I walked up. Haha. I came in and let the little ones out quick. I let Prue out next and she sure was excited! She tried to sit a bunch of times, but her booty couldn't sit quite still long enough to touch the ground. Haha! She finally did a on second touch down so I said that was good enough for our first visit. She went out and pottied with the others. They came in and all did their happy dance for dinner. She cracks me up!  Everyone ate well for me. Then, we went back outside. Gabi didn't want to stay out too long. I don't blame her... brrrr! Hudson was off in the dark, chewing on a bone. I brought that one in with us later. Prue sat with me and got some heiny scratches, then wandered off to explore a bit. We headed inside and the pups settled down. Gabi got cozy on the bed and the other two worked on their bones. Prue let out a little grumble at Gabi when she walked by. I put them back in their beds for tonight and we'll test out a shorter time tomorrow during the day that they can be out and see how they do.

Murdy & Guthrie

Today Guthrie was pawing up against the glass when he saw me walking up. He and Murdy met me at the door to say hi. The boys helped me in the kitchen. Guthrie ate right away. I saw Murdy sneak in while I was scooping boxes. He quickly ran back out when he saw I was done. Guthrie was already waiting by the office to help get his toy. He didn't play for very long today. He did come by for some pets now and then. It was Murdy who was the playful one! Racing up and down his tower, hiding behind the ottoman, and sneak attacking the feathers, Murdy was just having a blast! He even ran to the kitchen and hopped up above the cabinets. Crazy cat!