Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sadie, Zoie & Cole

This morning Sadie went out for a quick potty break and I went to let Cole out of his bed. He went out back to do his thing. Zoie patiently waited for her turn, then I got them all their breakfast. The girls each took another turn out front since it was nice out. Cole was ready to snuggle up on the bed for awhile. This afternoon all three went out back to play. Sadie immediately went to roll in the grass again. Silly girl! She had fun visiting the neighbor dog by the fence and did some exploring. Zoie and Cole didn't want to stay out real long, so we visited in the kitchen. Zoie went back out later on. This evening, the pups all did their business before it was time for dinner. I took turns visiting with the inside pups while the other was out. Soon, it was time for bed.

Bella & Chico

This morning the pups were ready to head outside. I let them out and they raced out back to do their business. Inside, I filled up their dishes. They both came to get some breakfast. Miss Bella sat with me awhile for some pets. They each spent some time exploring outside this morning too. When it was time to come in, they zoomed to their room to await their treats!

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Oreo was at his usual spot. He came down and helped me in the kitchen. Stuffy was hanging out in the dining room this morning, so I brought his plate to him there. He ate well for me. Oreo worked on his a bit until he was ready for his attention. I turned on the fireplace and he and I sat by it. Oreo purred away as he got some brushes and chin rubs. Stuffy came in the living room, but he sat off at a distance today. He must know mom and dad will be home later!