Saturday, March 25, 2017

Billie, Roxy and the gang

Very early this morning we had a big storm roll through. It hailed out by my house, and we had very strong winds. I checked the fence and gates right away to make sure all was well before I let the girls out. Everything looked fine. They had fun checking out all the worms that were laying on the patio while I got their food ready. They came in and I went to check the cats quick. I let the girls back outside after a bit. Neither had eaten for me, so I got them their snack to add to it. Back by the kitties I had a little helper as I opened blinds back up and filled dishes. Rudy was adamant that I stop and give him some attention first! Haha. Chili got a few pets before she went under the bed by Salt and Pepper. Rudy was super lovey and snuggled up to me to get every ounce of attention he could. I got the laser out for them to play with too. This evening I came in and the girls were ready to head out. They had finished their breakfast after I left. Tonight when I let them in for dinner, Billie didn't even want to go in her bed to try. She just said nope and went and sat on the couch! Haha. I let them back out to play right away then and topped off their waters and got them their extra yummy stuff for their food. The girls had fun wrestling around outside on this cool evening. I went to visit the cats awhile and found them in their usual places: Salt under the bed, Chili on the arm of the bench, Pepper on her kitty tower, and the boys at my feet wanting to play. Boy did they have a blast chasing the laser light tonight! I was moving it around and they'd zoom and race all around the room, sometimes tripping over one another. Too funny! Soon it was time to let the girls back in for bed.