Sunday, August 20, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and the boys were both sitting in the living room. Oreo followed me to the kitchen while I got their breakfast ready. He ate his little pill snack for me right away this time. Then, he ventured off. Stuffy waited by the back door for his food. He ate, then joined Oreo and I in the living room. Oreo was much more snuggly this morning and cuddled up next to me for some pets. Stuffy came in and got his brush time in as well. This evening Oreo was making his way down the stairs to see me. He stopped at the living room to say hi. Stuffy was sitting in there as well. I went to get dinner ready and Oreo didn't come along this time. Both boys were just sitting in the living room, so I brought their food in there by them. Oreo just ate his pill snack, then went to sit by the window. Stuffy ate well. Stuffy sat off at a distance this time and wasn't wanting his brushes. Oreo eventually came back to sit by me. He purred away and got his chin rubs. Both boys wandered off after a bit.