Sunday, February 26, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I got breakfast ready while the boys sat at the back door. Their friend was out there, waiting for me to come feed and pet him. Charlie was happy to get his pets and walked back and forth so I got both sides. Stuffy was inside chirping at him through the window. Haha. I got the boys their food. Stuffy took a little coaxing to start eating his. I finally set him up on the counter to see if that would help. He helped himself to some of Oreo's snacks. Afterwards, I joined Oreo in the living room for his chin rub time. This evening the boys were both sitting in the dining room. Oreo joined me in the kitchen and hopped on the counter to help. Stuffy went and sat in the bedroom for a bit. I went out to feed Charlie, but didn't see him out there. Stuffy heard the door and came over to investigate. I tried to get him to eat again, but he was more worried about watching for the other kitty at first. The boys joined me in the living room for some attention. I brought both the dry and canned food along to see if Stuffy would it. He wasn't interested until I sprinkled some dry food on the floor like treats. He ate for me then.