Thursday, August 3, 2017

Billie, Roxy and the gang

This morning the girls made their way outside while I got their breakfast ready. I changed Billie's towel and got her some fresh water. The girls worked on breakfast while I tended to Zoi and Zephyr. They were bouncing around as always. The pups went back out to enjoy the morning. I went in by the kitties and Pip and Rudy were right at the door, peeking out at me. Rudy followed me all over. Pip went and sat in his little house and made me laugh. I got their string out and had them both chasing and zooming after it. This afternoon I came in and gave the girls a quick potty break. Billie's towel was dry so far, so that was good. This evening I came in to let them out. It was wet this time. Oh well. We tried anyways! They went out to do their thing. They cried at me through the door since it had started to storm outside. I let them in while I got their food and water ready. Roxy kept standing up against the cabinets to try and supervise. Haha. They ate and I got the guineas their yums. The girls went back outside while I fed the kitties. I went and hung out back with the girls tonight. We sat and watched the rain come down. Billie was loving the fresh supply of water coming through the downspout. Haha. Roxy was on the patio chasing a big cricket around. Soon we headed inside. Billie must have been scared from the thunder or something. She sat on the couch and did not want to go to her bed at first. Eventually, she did though. Such a good girl.