Thursday, November 30, 2017

Noell & Navi

Today the girls came strolling into the kitchen when they heard me come in. They each sat by their bowls, waiting patiently for their breakfast. As the girls ate, I did my stuff. I headed to the living room when I finished. Navi snuggled up in my lap and Noell laid nearby. She was ready to zoom after her feather toy for a bit. It didn't take long, and Noell got bored with that. She just wanted some pets, then wandered out to the patio. Navi snuggled with me, then was ready for her turn to play. I got the laser light out. She was chirping at it as she stalked the dot. Haha! I had her up on the couch going crazy as she pounced on it. Later, she pooped out and was ready to curl up in my lap some more.