Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This morning it was very foggy outside. The pups all met me at the door and were bouncing up and down excitedly. I heard that one of the smoke detectors had a low battery beep going on. I let the pups out back for their potty breaks. They were all a little weird about coming in or eating for me this morning. I'm guessing it was because of the beeping. Zel was so busy exploring that she didn't come in with the other two. Hudson ate fine. Gabbie ate most of her food, then she was ready to head back out. I finally had to go get Zel and carry her in so she would eat her breakfast! Haha. This evening the pups were ready to head out. Zel didn't want to come in again. I fed the other two, then went out and got her right away. That way, she'd have more time outside after she ate in case she had to potty again before bed. All three were busy exploring around the yard tonight. Hudson went and sat in the middle of the yard just to listen to all the sounds. Gabbie was in the corner trying to find some toads. Miss Zel was off by the shed checking things out as well. When it was time, I rounded them up to come in for bed.