Sunday, October 23, 2016

Shadow & Lucy

Today both kitties were sitting in the living room when I came in. Lucy gave me a few meows, then wandered off to the front room. Shadow sat on his treat table and waited while I got their food and water. I got him a couple treats before I went to scoop their box quick. He sat in the living room with me for awhile to visit. Not long after, he went to bird watch from the front door. I went in by Lucy to give her a few chin rubs too. She meows the whole time. Haha!


This morning I saw Murdy through the window, sitting on the steps. He came trotting along behind me as I came in and started meowing away at me again. He hopped up on things to get some pets. After we said hi, I went to take care of his things. Murdy went and sat in the living room to wait while I got his toy out. He was zooming back and forth after it today, sliding around on the wood floor. He'd crouch behind me now and again to sneak attack it. Later on, Murdy sat on the TV stand to watch from above. Another fun day!