Friday, July 21, 2017


Today I came in and caught Felixx in the middle of a big stretch at the top of the stairs. He meowed at me and came down to help me in the kitchen. I see he likes to put toys and hair ties in his food bowl sometimes! Haha. I went upstairs to take care of his box and water up there. He sat just outside the bathroom door this time. I guess he was just ready for some attention and playtime. We headed downstairs and he did his funny meow along the way again. Felixx came and sat by me for some brush time. He sure loves that thing. Well, and then sometimes he likes to chew on it. So I guess it's a love hate kinda thing. Haha. Later, I got out the stick and string toy out for him and he rolled around and wrestled with that.

Oreo & Stuffs

Stuffy was sitting in the dining room this morning when I walked in. Oreo was just strolling in there too when he heard me. The boys met me in the kitchen while I got their breakfast ready for them. Stuffy was keeping guard at the back door. Charlie was hanging out there again this morning. Stuffy kept meowing at him through the window. Haha. Since he was busy, he didn't eat for awhile until Charlie had gone away. So, Oreo and I got some one on one time in the living room. Stuffy joined us once he had finished. This evening, I came in and the boys were both sitting by the chairs near the back door. Oreo got up right away and walked me to the kitchen where he waited for his medicine. After he ate that, I got him his plate to work on. I brought Stuffy's over to him by the back door. After Oreo finished he met me at our spot. He stayed for some pets, then wandered off. Stuffy came in next and sat for some brushes. Oreo eventually returned but he went to sit by his catnip pillow instead. Haha.

Noell & Navi

This morning both girls came to greet me in the kitchen. Navi went and sat by her bowl to wait, while Noell danced circles around in the kitchen and meowed at me. The girls ate while I tended to their other things quick. They were both waiting for me when I finished. Noell was sprawled out on the rug. She rolled around on her back and stretched her paws out. Navi was lounging on the other end of it too. I got the fish toy out and Noell laid on her back to play with it for a bit. Then, she got up and got some zooms in. Navi came and sat with me for a little attention today. Then, she helped me get her her treats. She reached up and pawed at the basket that they were in! Haha!