Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This morning the pups heard me coming and were singing away! They all met me at the door, bouncing away excitedly. We went outside for their potty break quick. Then, it was time for breakfast! They all danced away in the kitchen as they waited. Zel stayed inside to finish while I went back out with Gabbie and Hudson. Zel let me know when she was done and she came to join them. They all had a blast roaming around and exploring this morning. It was so nice out! Hudson was in the far corner, scaring out birds, then chasing and barking at them. Haha. As soon as that happened, Gabbie raced over to help. I had to go check and make sure there weren't any holes back there for them to escape from. Zel was off doing her own explorations too. This evening, Zel got out of her bed and came bouncing along to say hi. Hudson and Gabbie were ready to get out and go do their business out back. It was still a gorgeous evening. The pups came in to eat their dinners, then we stayed out back to enjoy the evening. They all disappeared off in the dark. But, when it was time to come in, they all came running like good puppies!

Rusty, Ruby & the gang

This morning Ruby was ready to head outside and do her thing. Rusty came out and joined us. Back inside, Salem was already in the kitchen meowing at me. I got Ruby her breakfast first. Rusty was ready to eat right away too. He got his meds, then it was time for the kitties to eat. I snuck Salem her meds again while she was busy eating. I got the turtles their fresh water and they were just napping away. The pups and I went back outside for awhile. Rusty got a few throws in of his ball, but he was too busy exploring instead most of the time. I headed inside to play with Sheba since he was occupied. Ruby came to get more belly rubs. This afternoon it was just beautiful out! Rusty and Ruby came out to do their business. Ruby sat with me after to get some heiny scratches, while Rusty and I got a long game of fetch in. When we went inside, Ruby stood at her bowl, wanting to eat already. Haha! This evening, it took a minute for the pups to realize I was there. Ruby came in and started bouncing around. She got her dinner and I got Rusty's food ready as well. Salem had come in to meow at me again too. I went out to feed the big kids first. They were hungry too, and all lined up along the fence watching for me. Haha! The kitties got their dinner, then Rusty and I went out to play a bit. The big kids were having fun racing around out there. That was fun to watch! Later on, I headed in and gave Sheba some laser time too. Ruby crawled up and threw herself across my lap for some belly rubs. Haha!


This morning Shadow wasted no time to come visit me. He wandered around in the kitchen while I got his breakfast ready. Shadow went to work as I took care of my things quick. He was a hungry boy this morning! Shadow came over to sniff at me and say hi, then went back to eat. Later, he went and took a peek out his window, then it was back to eat again. He nearly had his plate empty before I even left. This evening it took a few minutes before Shadow got up and came out. He must have had a long day. Haha! He was a little determined tonight to get a nibble of my leg, but I was too quick for him. I guess he was getting impatient at me taking so long to chop up his food. Haha! I delivered his dinner and treats, then he went to work. After his tummy was full, Shadow came to get some attention. He sat in my lap awhile and enjoyed his pets. Later on, he was in play mode. He sat at the top of his tower and tackled his toy as I'd toss it up to him. He hopped down on the couch to wrestle it too. Then, he decided to make a quick getaway and jump for his tower.... only he didn't jump high enough! He dangled for a second before he just sat his rump on the back of the couch. Haha! I laughed. He wasn't amused. But, he got his revenge on his kitty toy some more!