Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Noell & Navi

This morning I came in and Noell was first in the kitchen to greet me. Navi joined us shortly after and they both said they usual hellos by either meowing or rubbing up on cabinets by me. I delivered their food and they both ate well. I took Navi to the bathroom as soon as she finished. I noticed the potty box was full, so they had been using it well. Navi didn't have to go at the time, so I went ahead and changed it. The girls joined me in the living room to get their attention time. Navi laid up next to me along my legs and Noell sat next to me on the other side. They both enjoyed their pets. Later on, Noell went to sit outside as usual. Navi was in a playful mood today and pounced on her mouse toy. She swatted at her treat toys for awhile too.

Oreo & Stuffs

This evening I came in and didn't see anyone. Oreo came into the kitchen to see me shortly after. While Oreo was eating his medicine snack sandwich, Stuffy appeared in the kitchen too. While they ate, I tended to their other things. I saw someone had missed the box a little, so I cleaned that up quick. Both boys were waiting for me at our spot. I filled the treat toy up and joined them. Both boys sat on either side of me for some attention. Oreo got his chin rubs and Stuffy got his back scratches. They just purred away! Oreo eventually left to go snack on some more dinner.