Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Billie, Roxy and the gang

This morning I came in and let the girls out back while I got their food ready. They came in to eat and I tended to the guineas. I changed out their blanket on the lower level today. They got fresh food and water and Zephyr got her medicine. The pups went back outside while I visited with the kitties. It was a nice cool morning and had been sprinkling out a little bit. I went in by Pip and Rudy, who were at the door meowing for me earlier. Rudy followed me all over while I filled dishes and opened blinds. Then, it was time to play! Pip was going crazy chasing the string this morning! He was able to since I was keeping Rudy occupied with the other end of it. He usually hogs it. Haha. This evening the girls went out to do their business before dinner. They ate and went back out while I fed everyone else. I got the kitties their snacks. Pepper was just under the end of the bed as usual. I slipped a plate under there for both her and Salt. After I got everyone situated, I went out to hang outside with the girls for awhile. They wrestled a bit. Later, Roxy laid down with a bone to chew on. Soon, it was time to head in for bed.