Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sophie & Roxy

Today the girls were relaxing outside since it was pretty humid out again. I let them in and they were excited to say hi. Sophie got her meds and she went to work on her dinner. Roxy sat in her chair, and later went to the bedroom to lounge. The girls were lazy today and were thoroughly enjoying the cool air inside. Before I left, I got them each a rawhide to work on while I was gone. I kept them inside for the afternoon again since the heat index was supposed to be around 100. When I came back, the girls didn't even get up. They were just lounging in their spots like, "Hey! Just chillin here". Haha. Sophie was sprawled out in Roxy's chair and Roxy was laying on the couch. Silly ladies! I got them each another treat as we headed back outside.

Noell & Navi

This morning both girls came in right away to see me. They followed along to their room and sat by their bowls. I got them their breakfast and they ate while I scooped their box. Noell went back out to enjoy the patio. Navi sat with me awhile for some attention. I went and got Noell to bring her to the bedroom since they'd be working on the floor today. I got Navi some treats in her toys and she pawed those around. Then, she snuggled in my lap. Noell went off somewhere to hide, under the bed I think.