Friday, December 29, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and spotted Stuffy lounging in the dining room. Oreo was hanging out on his chair. He came down and followed me to help me in the kitchen. He would nudge his face on the back of my leg as he waited. I brought the boys their food and they ate for me. Stuffy followed me to the living room and curled up in front of the fire for some brush time. Oreo I guess wasn't feeling like hanging out, so he wandered off elsewhere. He will want attention later I bet! This evening I came in and started getting food ready. Both boys appeared and sat at the back door. Oreo hopped up on the counter to help. I put his treats out of reach until he ate his little pill snack. He sat there and gave me a look letting me know he was NOT amused. Haha! After awhile, he finally gave in, but I had to hold the plate up in front of him. He thought it was special then! I set a plate down for Stuffy, but he just sat and looked at it. I later realized it wasn't close enough. These spoiled boys! Haha. I moved it closer and he ate. Oreo went and ate his treats when I moved them back. Both boys joined me by the fire for their pamper time. I'm sure gonna miss our cozy snuggle time!

Sophie & Roxie

Today the girls woke up from their cozy nap in their house to come in and see me. They jumped around and followed me to the living room. Sophie hopped up on one side and Roxie on the other, both wanting their pets. Sophie rubbed herself all over me, sharing her fur. Haha. Roxie got down to go eat. Sophie went to snack, then came back and plopped herself right in my lap. She cracks me up! She rolled around to get belly rubs and was acting all goofy. Roxie returned for some ear rubs. Then, she went and decided to go "fluff" the pillows on mom and dad's bed. And by fluff, I mean paw at and spread all over the place. Haha! After the girls had their tummies filled, it was time to head out and get their treats.