Saturday, May 13, 2017

Billie, Roxy and the gang

This morning the girls went out to do their business as I got their food ready. They came in to eat and I checked on Sernea and got her some food. She came down again to see me and eat right away. After the girls went out to play, I checked on the cats and got some more milk formula for Chili. She was eager to see what I'd brought her and got up to eat some right away. She ate pretty well for me. Pip hopped up there and casually laid closeby, ready to sneak attack when he could. Haha! Rudy was more interested in taking over my attention. But soon, he got a whiff of the milk and started making efforts to sneak some. Luckily I was there to thwart his efforts haha! This evening the pups went out and enjoyed their beautiful evening after they came in to eat some dinner. It was actually Roxy that hasn't been really eating well for me the past couple meals. She'll pick out the good stuff out of course! I gave her some canned food and she ate well. They went back out to play and I brought all the kitties some yums. I tried to get Chili to eat more formula for me tonight, but she just wasn't having it. I think she gave it a few licks, but that was the extent. I went and hung outside with the girls for a little bit as well. They were having a blast wrestling around with each other until it was time to go in.

Chupie & U-turn

Today I came in and got Chupie some fresh food and water and took care of her box. Next, I went out and got U-turn some more canned food. I heard something while I was out there and realized U-turn had come to see me! She came in and started working on her food right away. After she finished, she was ready for some pets. Then, suddenly she took off and headed outside. I went in to find Chupie and found her in her usual spot under the couch. She didn't want to come out for me, but that's ok! As I was leaving, U-turn was walking down the top of my car to come see me again. She flopped around on the patio and got a few more pets.

Sophie & Roxy

Today the girls were lounging on the side of the house when I came by. They both popped right up when they saw me. I met them at the back door and brought some food out for them. It was too nice out to be cooped up in the house! The girls took turns coming over for some pets and then would go work on their food some more. They relaxed on the patio for awhile until they heard neighbor dogs outside. Then, they'd take off to that side of the yard to go check it out. I gave miss Sophie her medicine before I left and got them both some treats.