Sunday, October 22, 2017

Shadow & Lucy

Today I came in and got food ready for the kitties and filled their other dishes. No one had come to see me yet, so I headed towards the bedroom to go take care of their box. I was greeted with a meow when I walked in the room and I was surprised to see both kitties right away. Lucy was lounging on the bed and Shadow was laying on the kitty bed. They were soaking up some sunshine! After I finished my stuff, Shadow was ready for his treats. I went and pet Lucy for awhile as she talked to me and rolled to her side. Shadow sat at his post at the front door until it was time for a few more snacks!


This morning I came in and Shadow was there to greet me shortly after. He checked out my legs while I got his breakfast ready. I gave him his pill and he didn't want to eat it at first. But, he eventually did. He worked on his food and I went to scoop his box. After he ate, Shadow came to sit and snuggle up on my lap for awhile until he got hungry again.