Sunday, November 6, 2016

Billie, Roxy & the gang

This morning the ladies went outside to do their thing. They had eaten very well overnight for me, with the yummy snack addition of course. This morning I went ahead and put some in there again. The girls came in to eat while I went to feed everyone else. Pip seemed adamant to get out of the bedroom today! He kept trying to sneak past me. Pepper had finally moved and was hanging out under the bench. I put Pip in his room to eat. While he was occupied, I let the pups back out and then came back to visit the kitties. Pepper took the chance to come and love on me a bit since Pip wasn't around. As soon as he was back out, she would hunker down and hiss at him. Haha. He got some playtime in. I could hear the girls wrestling around outside. When it was time, they came back in and jumped all over the couch being silly.

Oreo & Stuffs

This evening Oreo met me at the door and walked me to the kitchen again. Stuffy was sitting in the hallway to the bedroom. The boys joined me in the kitchen to wait patiently for their dinner. After they ate and I finished with their things, I filled their treat toy up and met them in the living room. Stuffy only stayed for a minute, then wandered off. I heard him snacking more and then using the clean box. Oreo took turns getting pets and snuggling me or working on his treats. Before I left, I found Stuffy just hanging out in the entryway. That's usually where Oreo wanders off to. Haha!

Sophie & Roxie

Today the girls were out lounging on the concrete, enjoying the beautiful day. They saw me pull up and they both got up and started doing their happy dance at the gate. They met me at the door and came in to say hi. I filled their bowls and went to our spot. Roxie hopped up into her chair right away. Sophie went right to work on her dinner. Once she finished, Sophie came and plopped herself over my lap. She enjoyed plenty of belly rubs today! Roxy came up and sat by us for a little while too. She pawed at me for more attention. Later, Roxy went and took her turn to eat dinner. She had fun rolling around on the carpet after that. Soon, it was time to send the girls back out with their snacks.