Saturday, September 23, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and found both boys just chillin in the living room in the dark. Haha! I turned the lights on and went to say hi. Oreo got up and did a big stretch, then followed me to the kitchen. I got him his medicine and food, then turned around only to see he had wandered off. He was sitting by the chair near the back door. I dropped off his plate and went out to fill Charlie's bowl quick. Stuffy heard the door and came to watch. I brought him his food as well and they both ate pretty well for me right away. I went to sit in the living room by Oreo after that. Stuffy ventured off and Oreo didn't stick around long. I guess they weren't needing any attention just yet. This evening Oreo met me in the kitchen and brushed up against my leg while I got his food ready. I set his plate down, he turned his nose up and walked away. Haha. I brought it with me to sit by him and tried to offer it to him there, but he still wasn't hungry. I went to find Stuffy, who was hanging out at the top of the stairs. He ate well for me. After he finished, he wandered off too. These boys don't want any love today! Tomorrow I'm sure they will. :)