Friday, August 4, 2017

Billie, Roxy and the gang

This morning the pups did their usual and went outside to do their business. I got them breakfast, Billie fresh towels, and her medicine. The girls ate and I went to check on the guineas. They were hopping around upstairs while I cleaned the bottom and got them more food and water. The pups went back out to enjoy the nice cool morning. I went in by the kitties next. Pip and Rudy were both waiting by the door for me. Rudy told me all about his evening while I opened blinds and filled dishes quick. After that, we got down to play time. They had a blast as usual! This afternoon I stopped in to let the girls have a quick potty break. Billie's towel was dry and stayed dry by the time I returned for their evening visit. Yay! The girls ran out to potty while I got their dinner. As they ate, I got Zoi and Zephyr their carrots and lettuce. They'll have just enough for tomorrow night yet. Good thing their momma will be coming home soon! They will be happy to see her. Rudy and Pip greeted me at the door and followed me around while I took care of things. Rudy kept rubbing up against my legs as I walked around. He was sure dying for some attention! I sat and played with them for just a couple minutes before I went out to visit the girls. It was a beautiful evening out for them!