Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Noell & Navi

This morning Navi sat by the stove and watched as I got her breakfast ready. Noell came in just as I was setting the bowls down for them. The girls both ate very well. After breakfast, I took Navi to her bathroom and set her down. She sniffed and pawed for a couple minutes, then finally she peed. She hopped down and left, so I went to change the liner quick. Navi returned and decided to finish her business lol. After I cleaned up, I headed to the living room to visit with them. Noell stayed for a few pets, then wandered to the bedroom, and on out back. Navi and I played with her mouse toy. I watched Noell outside and she was getting spunky out there! She raced up to the top of her kitty tower, then hopped down and suddenly came racing inside the house. She was in and out from the bedroom to her patio several times after that.

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This morning I heard Gabbie barking away as I walked up to the door. Haha! The kids met me there and raced to the back to head outside. It was another very nice morning. Everyone came in and ate their breakfast. I let Hudson and Gabbie out since they finished first. When I went back to the door to see if Zel was finished, I saw her doing a big stretch. Her tummy was full and she was ready to go! It was a bit cooler out than yesterday and felt damp like it was going to rain. The pups must have noticed that as well, and seemed to hang out more by the patio this morning. Gabbie kept sitting by the door and trying to tell me that she wanted in. I told her it was still too nice out. Even Hudson stayed close by the patio. He just sat and watched the yard from there. Hudson would come over for some pets now and again too. When it was time, we headed in. Zel went and hopped right in her blanket. Haha. This evening Gabbie and Hudson were ready to head out! They were quick to do their business, and Zel wandered out farther to do hers. Hudson and Gabbie went inside to wait. Once Zel was done, we went in and got dinner ready. They were excited to eat as always! After dinner we headed out to enjoy the nice evening. They all wandered around in the dark. When it was time to come in, the girls were eager to go. I went out to look for Hudson. As the spotlight came on, I saw him, just sitting in the middle of the yard, staring at me. Creepy! Haha. He came in as well, and I wished the pups a good night.