Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Noell & Navi

This morning Navi was right at the door to say hi. I came in and Noell appeared around the corner. They wandered around the kitchen while I got their breakfast ready. The girls went to eat and I filled their other dishes. Noell didn't eat too much, so I took her to the bathroom quick. I set her up there several times and still no luck today. We met Navi in the hall, so I grabbed her next. After our attempts, I went and changed the liner in one of the pans outside. At least they're using them and not the floor! The girls met me back in the living room. Noell came and snuggled up by me for awhile to get some pets. Navi got some as well. Then, she was ready for play time. She dove through the hole in her kitty scratch post to attack the cat toy. Noell stayed put and kept enjoying her pets for awhile. Later on, she got up and headed to the bedroom. Before I left, the girls each got another round to try out. I got Navi her treat toy before I left.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and got food ready for the boys. Oreo was right at my feet, waiting patiently. I brought Stuffy his food as he was sitting in the living room. He actually ate very well for me this morning! I got the brush after he finished and Stuffy sat and purred away. He got his shot and happily got more brush time. Later, I went to join Oreo, who was waiting for me by the fireplace. He itched his face on the brush and loved every minute. This evening Oreo was already waiting for me in the kitchen. Stuffy was hanging out in the bedroom. I got Oreo working on his dinner and brought Stuffy's to him. He ate very well again for me tonight. Oreo had gone ahead to sit by the fireplace to wait for me. Since Stuffy was still working on his dinner, I went and visited Oreo first. He purred away and laid on his side for more. Stuffy came and sat at the edge of the living room when he was finished. I went to give him some attention time too. He took his shot like a champ as always. Then, he loved up his chin scratches on the brush!