Sunday, September 24, 2017

Rusty, Ruby & the gang

This afternoon I came in and called for Rusty as I headed to let Ruby out. I saw she wasn't in her crate, so I went and found her in the front room. Both pups followed me out back. I turned the sprinkler on for the big kids. Ruby had found a nice sunny spot on the patio to sunbathe. I went in to fill water dishes and found Sheba all sprawled out on her back in the recliner. She makes me laugh. She and I got some laser time in this afternoon. When she wasn't chasing that, she came and sat with me for pets. This evening the pups met me at the gate. Ruby was bouncing up and down and all over the place. She's so silly! I think she was ready to eat. Haha. I got her her food and filled Rusty's bowl, but he wandered off. I put his bowl up so Ruby wouldn't sneak it while I went out to feed the big kids. Later on, I brought Rusty his bowl in the front room, where he was lounging on a chair. He ate well for me.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and found Oreo sitting on the chair by the back door. I said hi to him and noticed Charlie was peeking in at me from outside. I went out to visit him and gave him his breakfast. By the time I finished that, I saw Stuffy had come to the door to keep an eye on me. Oreo hopped up on the counter to help me get the boys their food. He ate up there and I delivered Stuffy's to him. Both ate well. Neither was super into attention this morning again. I got some toys out to play with Oreo. Stuffy stayed upstairs. This evening I came in and Oreo found me in the kitchen. He helped me get dinner and ate while I brought Stuffy's food up to him. He was sitting at the top of the stairs. Stuffy ate, then sat with me for some pets. When he wandered on down, I went to find Oreo in the living room. He and I got some laser light time in this evening.